Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ok, Ok, big butts have right of way :-)

Star Wars Returns

Looks huge and terrible but in fact the scarabs are really friendly.

Cool neighbours

Some of your neighbours when you are staying at Plumari Game Lodge...

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Enjoying the fantastic colours by sundown...

Game Drive

Some other animals seen during the Game Drive...


During a game drive in Plumari Game Reserve, 2 giraffe bulls fighting to impress a female, in this case one has definitely a big advantage, size matters :-)

Mossel Art


Last stop in Cape Town area, Paternoster (about 170kms north east from CT) is on the Atlantic Coast, excellent place to relax and enjoy some delicious crayfishes (langoustes) in a restaurant direct on the beach :-)


Franschhoek, the french corner in Afrikaans, where french huguenots refugees statred to grow vineyards at the end of 17th century, is now a city full of good restaurants and hometown of many many wineries...
On the departure day, the hills were burning, the cloud was full with yellow smoke and it was raining ashes...time to leave...:-/

Flower Power

If you love flowers, like I do, South Africa is a heaven (hortensia, frangipane & other local beautiful species)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

If you want a quiet sea, don't come here, where the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean are knocking against each other...
Some other animals you would not especially expect in South Africa...like a seal colony on Duiker Island just a couple of kilometers far away from Cape Town

one of the inhabitants from Table Mountain : the dassies (closest genetic cousin from the elephants!...). This one 's got rabbit teeth....:-)

Table Mountain

View from the Table Mountain in Cape Town (altitude of 1086m)
Lion's Head mountain on the left, Robben Island ("famous" because Nelson Mandela was imprisoned there) and in the middle the soccer stadium which will be used for the next world cup, really close to the city and the sea!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

There is a strong german presence in South Africa, here is an other evidence of it...:-)
Of course in South Africa, everybody knows the lion, giraffes, rhinos, etc....but you are not really expecting a penguin colony...
You can find it at Boulder's Beach not so far from the Cape of Good Hope. After all we are closer to the South Pole than from Paris...

Luckily it's now the time when they have babies, quite cute !

A beautiful Oryx spotted in a reserve...

The horse Pinto may help you if you don't like meat, click on the pic to see the menu ( ;-) to Jana )

Relaxing in some bar , you may face unusual customers.... (and I am not talking about the Coyote Girls...

Road Trip

as shown on the map below :
1) Stay in the region of Hartbeesport (north-west from Pretoria)
2) Stay in Cape Town Region + Franschhoek + Atlantic coast
3) Stay in St Lucia Wetlands area
4) Stay in Hluluwe-Imfolozi reserve
5) Stay in Middleburg

Small overview of the trip 2010